Expect it all at our Camellia Healdsburg Inn

“Sweet days of summer, the jasmine’s in bloom

July is dressed up and playing her tune

And I come home from a hard day’s work

And you’re waiting there, not a care in the world

See the smile a-waitin’ in the kitchen, food cookin’ and the plates for two

Feel the arms that reach out to hold me, in the evening when the day is through

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind”

Healdsburg Inn

I know we are dating ourselves here with the song ‘Summer Breeze’ by Seals and Croft, but doesn’t it just feel right reading the lyrics right now? It’s April, spring has sprung forward, and the sun is patrolling the sky just a little bit longer. Summer is right around the corner, and there’s no better time like now to plan a stay with us at our Healdsburg Inn. It’s just the right thing to do, for so many reasons.

Do it like Demi

As Demi Lovato sings, ‘I’m sorry, not sorry.” Honestly, we hope we are back in your good graces with a current musician. But seriously, we are sorry, that we aren’t sorry, that summer is right around the corner. Everything in Healdsburg is livelier during this time. People are walking the Plaza and Center street, shopping, tasting wine and eating delicious food at restaurants. We have so many different types of people staying with us at our Camellia Healdsburg Inn and it’s such a treat. But what should you expect when you stay at our bed and breakfast?

Expect the Unexpected

Special touches from warm and friendly owners who love what they do and the guests they serve.  The character of the Healdsburg Inn is a large reflection of the owner’s personality.  Nowhere else will you get the pampering that is available at our Camellia Inn B&B.  Everything from, exceptional linens and bedding to a breakfast that can be catered just for you. We’ll also help you plan your days and night out. That is what innkeepers do best and love doing.  Once you try our Healdsburg Inn, you will be hooked for life.

Expect a Real Spa Experience

Booking a Healdsburg Inn Spa treatment with us at the Camellia Inn won’t break your bank. We are competitively priced and our licensed massage therapists are trained in all modalities. Located in our original sun porch with period tile floors and tall ceiling, it is an elegant sanctuary of retreat. If you book a guest room with us, we can do individual massages in your room for a small upgrade fee. This way, you can melt away in the comfort of your own room. Please click here, to peak at all our Healdsburg Inn Spa treatments.

Expect a Beautiful Breakfast

When it comes to breakfast our Healdsburg Inn B&B has you covered for whatever experience you want. We know that everyone’s type of stay is different and a lot of you want your privacy. With that said, our main dining room table is perfect for homestyle dining. We pride ourselves on being unobtrusive, so if you don’t want to dine with everyone else, we can set you up in your room as well. Or we can make you something to go. Like we said, our Healdsburg Inn has you covered.

We believe in supporting our local farmers, ranchers, and local businesses. Whenever possible, our breakfast ingredients are locally-sourced, organic and sustainable, in-season and “right off the farm” fresh. If you’ve never had an egg that wasn’t shipped to a grocery store from far away, eating breakfast at our Healdsburg Inn will be a revelation. Our eggs come from local hens that are well treated, and they’re delivered fresh daily.

So, head down to our dining area around 7:15 am for some warm beverages and hang out. Around 8:30am we’ll start putting out all the fresh delicious breakfast delicacies to enjoy.

Expect it all at the Camellia Inn

Our Healdsburg Inn has a rich history and we at the Camellia Inn can accommodate anything. If you are needing a getaway, and would like some wine, food and a massage, then we have the package or room for you. If you want to come to the Healdsburg Inn for your romantic getaway, we have the Wine Country Date package that’ll meet that need. Also, if you’re looking to host a party or get together with a group of friends, we have off-site rooms that will give you your privacy while also being connected to the Camellia Innkeepers.

Summertime at our Healdsburg Inn

We can’t stress enough, how excited we are that summer is so close! We can’t stress enough how great Healdsburg is during the summertime. So much to see and so much to do. Interested yet? We thought so! Come to our website by clicking here and explore for yourself through visually what we want to provide you with. If you are all ready to book a stay with us, please click this contact us link and we’ll get the process started.

Get on up to downtown Healdsburg, it's the place to be!

“Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly. “One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Andersen

Yes, Yes, Yes Hans! This is 100 percent true, and downtown Healdsburg has all of this and more!
I think we all can agree that this might be the best time of year. April is a week away. We may see some April showers, but we all know what’s right around the corner, and that’s beautiful summer weather and a lot of quality time spent in downtown Healdsburg. You better believe our Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast is in the heart of downtown Healdsburg and is primed and ready for your summer plans. Now, what do you do? Our staff at the Camellia Inn has the information you need and you can contact us at any time by clicking here. Right now, we’ve compiled a nice list of some of the popular stops you may want to check out while you stay with us at the Camellia Inn, in downtown Healdsburg.

Experience Downtown Healdsburg

First stop, Wine!

Downtown Healdsburg
Alright, so we all know that downtown Healdsburg is riddled with fantastic wineries and tasting rooms! Our Camellia in is within walking distance to everything. We highly recommend you start your day at C Donatiello and their nice little tasting room. Our friend Meghan will entertain you as she pours you samples of their tasty Pinots and Chardonnays. Another great stop is a trip to see our friend Libby Cunningham at Bella Vineyards and Wine Caves. She’ll help you to enjoy some wonderful Zinfandels as you enjoy a fun day drinking and picnicking. Bring your dog too, it’s a great atmosphere for your pet.

Next stop, Cocktails and Appetizers!

Oh, you better believe that downtown Healdsburg has you covered when it comes to places for exceptional cocktails and appetizers. Okay, so you’re leaving Meghan and Donatiello’s tasting room, now what? Just cross the street and hit up Dukes! The bar is gorgeous with a great staff. They have a fantastic little kitchen right next door. Order up and a cute little woman will bring you some tasty treats. We recommend the Chicken sandwich as well as the pork tacos. You can’t go wrong.
After you’ve sampled a nice Manhattan at Dukes in downtown Healdsburg, we suggest turning right, and heading up the Plaza street and taking another right on Healdsburg avenue. It’s then just a short walk to get to Willie’s Seafood and Raw Bar. This is a great airy, lively seafood café with a raw bar that serves tapas, lobster rolls, with a broad wine list. You can’t go wrong with this little gem in downtown Healdsburg.

How about a nightcap!

Downtown Healdsburg has a great list of things to do and places to see. If you are winding down your night and are looking for a place to put some music on the Juke box, have a stiff drink and enjoy a cast of characters straight out of the tv show Cheers, then John and Zeke’s is the place to hit up. Put a little James Brown on the Juke Box, drink a dirty Martini and play some shuffle board or pool. It’s a fun lively atmosphere and the regulars are a riot. If you want to see one of the regulars really cut the rug, put on some Tom Petty, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Your last stop

If it’s before 7 pm and you’re roaming downtown Healdsburg after having your nightcap, you may want to have a delicious cup of coffee. We suggest hitting up the Flying Goat Coffee shop. You are about 800 feet from us at the Camellia Inn, so stop off and have an espresso, mocha or a hot tea. You can hang out at the flying goat and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere, or you can bring it to your room at the Camellia Inn, which is only 2 minutes from the coffee shop.

Downtown Healdsburg

The weather has changed and your plans to visit us at the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast in downtown Healdsburg, California is on the agenda. Whether you’re looking to sample wine at Donatiello and Bella, or looking to enjoy cocktails and appetizers at Dukes, or needing a delicious dinner at Willies, or some laughs at John and Zekes, your summer stay in downtown Healdsburg won’t disappoint. We’d love for you to book a room at our Camellia Inn now, but we’d also love for you to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our excellent staff has all the answers you need and will point you in the right direction if they don’t. Remember, sunny skies, long nights and many laughs await you as you walk the beautiful paths of downtown Healdsburg.

Book a Spa in Healdsburg package with the Camellia Inn B&B

“I could spend a whole day at a spa. I’d get a facial, a scalp rub, massages, then eat some grapes and be good to go.” — Dule Hill

Oh, you bet big time Dule Hill! The lovable actor from the tv series Psych, couldn’t have expressed his love for Spa days any better. Everything he described is exactly what our Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast can accommodate. A day at our Spa in Healdsburg, California is a day you’ll remember for a long time and you’ll indeed be ‘Good to Go.’

Enjoy Our Spa in Healdsburg

Money well spent

Spa in Healdsburg
Booking a Spa in Healdsburg stay with us at the Camellia Inn won’t break your bank. We are competitively priced and our licensed massage therapists are trained in all modalities. Located in our original sun porch with period tile floors and tall ceiling, it is an elegant sanctuary of retreat. If you book a guest room with us, we can do individual massages in your room for a small upgrade fee. This way, you can melt away in the comfort of your own room. Please click here, to peak at all our Spa in Healdsburg prices.

Special Massage Packages

This is where we believe our Spa in Healdsburg stands out. Our Special Massage packages book very fast, so after you read these descriptions, you should book your packages right away. Here are some of our unique special massage packages:

Camellia Inn-Dulge

This is our signature special spa in Healdsburg package. When selecting this brilliant spa package, you’ll be able to celebrate the very best of Sonoma County. Kick back with a Master’s massage, then head out to dine in downtown Healdsburg at one of the many wonderful restaurants and enjoy so much more. This spa in Healdsburg package is a two-night minimum, and worth it. Below is a more definitive list of exactly what this special massage package has to offer:

  • Two Nights’ Stay in Accommodations of your choice (Additional nights may be added)
  • Couple’s 90″ Master’s Massages with Complimentary Upgrade as a Couple’s Massage
  • Fresh Fruit, Cheese & Charcuterie Platter
  • Private Winery Experience
  • Chauffeur Driven Car for a Day of Wine Tasting, up to 4 hours (excludes gratuity and wine tastings)
  • $100 Credit toward Dinner at a Select Healdsburg Restaurant
  • Complimentary Upgrade Upon Arrival (based on availability)
  • Full Concierge Service
  • Daily Full Breakfast with house-made pastries, deliciously creative egg dishes, fresh fruit, locally roasted coffee, juice, and more

Wine Country Date

Okay, if you’ve stayed to read on past the Camellia Inn-Dulge special package, great job! Now, we have our most popular spa in Healdsburg package to show you. This Wine Country Date special package is also a two night stay, and offers you that Spa in Healdsburg experience you are badly looking for; and so much more. From the Camellia Inn Signature Massage to the Boutique Winery Tastings for two, this package has you covered. We have two more packages to show you after this one, but we understand if you want to just go ahead and click here to BOOK THIS RIGHT NOW. We aren’t mad at ya! Here is the full list of the Wine Country Date package details:

  • Two Nights’ Stay in Accommodations of your choice (Additional nights may be added)
  • Couple’s 60″ Camellia Inn Signature Massages
  • Boutique Winery Tastings for Two People
  • Bottle of Local Sonoma Wine (Choice of White or Red) In Room Upon Arrival
  • $100 Credit toward Dinner at a Select Healdsburg Restaurant
  • Complimentary Upgrade Upon Arrival (based on availability)
  • Full Concierge Service
  • Daily Full Breakfast with house-made pastries, deliciously creative egg dishes, fresh fruit, locally roasted coffee, juice, and more

Work Out Wellness

This is one of those really unique spa in Healdsburg packages we highly recommend booking immediately. We are heading into Spring, with Summer right around the corner. If you want to get out and experience the wine country on a bicycle and then come back for that massage and full spa in Healdsburg experience this package is perfect.

  • Two Nights’ Stay in Accommodations of your Choice (Additional nights may be added)
  • Couple’s 90″ Deep Tissue Massages
  • Bike Rental for Two
  • Two One-Day Passes at Parkpoint Health Club
  • Soothing Bath Salts
  • Complimentary Upgrade Upon Arrival (based on availability)
  • Full Concierge Service
  • Daily Full Breakfast with house-made pastries, deliciously creative egg dishes, fresh fruit, locally roasted coffee, juice, and more

Quick Break Away

Do you only have one night to get your spa in Healdsburg experience? Are you in need of a great massage, some wonderful wine and our locally sourced breakfast? Then the Quick Break Away Spa in Healdsburg package is what you should sign up for.

  • One Night’s Stay in Accommodations of your choice (Additional nights may be added)
  • One, 60″ Camellia Signature Massage
  • Boutique Winery Tasting for two people
  • Complimentary Upgrade Upon Arrival (based on availability)
  • Full Concierge Service
  • Daily Full Breakfast with house-made pastries, deliciously creative egg dishes, fresh fruit, locally roasted coffee, juice, and more

Spa In Healdsburg

There’s no better time than right now to start planning and booking your spa in Healdsburg package. The weather is getting warmer and Healdsburg is only getting more and more beautiful. You can click this The Spa link, to get more of an idea of what we have to offer and get some pricing details. Please Contact Us to ask any questions and get more in-depth pricing specifics. , If can also click BOOK NOW, to do it yourself. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!

It's All About You when You are Lodging in Healdsburg at the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast

“Everything is just better in California – the wine, the food, fruits and vegetables, the comforts of living. Even the instrumentalists are generous and curious. Everything is wonderful.” – Beth Anderson

We love the passion of this quote, and we at the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast can’t agree with Beth Anderson more. Of course, we are going to be bias because we live in Northern California and our lodging in Healdsburg is one of those wonderful treats that Northern California has waiting for you. Lodging in Healdsburg is a topic of conversation for so many different reasons. We imagine that the reasons lodging in Healdsburg is on your minds is due to travel plans. Those travel plans may have different itineraries such as, business travel, family vacations, wine tastings, spa weekends or group events. Lodging in Healdsburg with us at the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast is an ideal choice for you for so many reasons.

Places to Visit when Lodging in Healdsburg

Wine Country

Lodging in Healdsburg
While lodging in Healdsburg at our bed and breakfast there are three renowned wine growing regions to get acquainted with. The Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley and Russian River Valley have dozens of wine hospitality rooms for the area’s premier wineries. Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, the Russian River, the Pacific Ocean, Armstrong Redwoods and Mendocino are close enough for a daytrip. Here are a few of our favorite wineries to stop at while lodging in Healdsburg.

C Donatiello

If you are looking for a winery with a cool vibe while lodging in Healdsburg, then C Donatiello should be on that list. If you want to hang out with a personable staff and have an exceptional Pinot or Chardonnay, then stop in. They have some great packages that include, wine and cheese and a great coffee and wine package. Chris Donatiello and Lisa Weast are two wonderful people that’ll treat you right and leave a smile on your face.

Bella Vineyards and Wine Caves

Another great winery to visit while lodging in Healdsburg is Bella Vineyards. According to Libby Cunningham who works there, “Bella’s wine cave is something everyone loves. The atmosphere is amazing. It’s a great place to picnic on the grass. It’s pet friendly and you will enjoy a great glass of wine.” She also went on to talk about a one of their wine selections which is the Lily Hill estate which is grown on the property. We trust Libby immensely, so you should most definitely put this on top of that itinerary during your stay with us at the Camellia Inn or wherever you are lodging in Healdsburg.

Food and the Camellia Inn Breakfast

Besides the many wineries, so many people decide to book their lodgings in Healdsburg because they want to experience the many fantastic eateries that Healdsburg has to offer. There are so many choices for you, such as wonderful Japanese food at the Taste of Tea, or a delightful menu at Café Lucia, and delicious Italian food at Campo Fina. These are just a few options to decide from while lodging in Healdsburg. When you are lodging with us at the Camellia Inn, the breakfast part of our bed and breakfast is something that you won’t want to miss.
We believe in supporting our local farmers, ranchers, and local businesses. Whenever possible, our breakfast ingredients are locally-sourced, organic and sustainable, in-season and “right off the farm” fresh. If you’ve never had an egg that wasn’t shipped to a grocery store from far away, eating breakfast at the Camellia Inn will be a revelation. Our eggs come from local hens that are well treated, and they’re delivered fresh daily.
Although Healdsburg and Sonoma County are known for producing renowned wines, many people don’t know that the terroir (taste of the earth) that is essential to producing those award-winning grapes is also responsible for our amazing agricultural bounty. Not only are fabulous grapes produced here but so much more comes from the soil, the individual farmers and a dedication to sustainability and producing the very best.

Lodging in Healdsburg

Whatever the reason is for your travels, lodging in Healdsburg at the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast will treat you to some wonderful wineries, eateries and beauty. We believe when lodging in Healdsburg, there isn’t enough time to visit all the places you want to, so we’d love to help you with your plans. Our wonderful staff has their fingers on the pulse of Sonoma County and especially Healdsburg. Whether your travels are for a day, a weekend or an on overnighter, our staff will lead you in the right direction, so you can go home knowing that you’ve had an experience to hold on to. Also, an experience that’ll make you want to come back time after time. Please click here to contact us so we can get your travel plans headed in the right direction.

Join us for the Best Bed and Breakfast Healdsburg has to Offer

Looking for a more active and engaged experience in your next vacation? Immersive activities are the key to making lasting memories. Start with the best bed and breakfast Healdsburg has to offer, and you can see the area as a local for a few days. The Camellia Inn is where you can begin some truly transformative travel.

Outdoor Activities Around Healdsburg

Bed and Breakfast Healdsburg
You might think staying in a bed and breakfast in Healdsburg would be all about rest and relaxation. However, the lush landscape of Sonoma County offers plenty of outdoor fun so you can break a sweat, release that stress, and enjoy a hands-on, first-person experience with the environment around you.
Some of the most popular activities within minutes of the Camellia Inn:

  • Rent bicycles and pedal around the scenic foothills
  • Fix your slice with our golf package, including club rental and private lesson
  • Take a hot air balloon ride to see the wineries and landscape
  • Go skydiving with views of Sonoma County and the Pacific Ocean
  • Hike the Healdsburg Ridge Open Space Preserve
  • Compete in the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon in October
  • Enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride winery tour

The Best Way to Experience Wine Country

Visiting specific wineries? Want to dabble in all the local wine and beer? You’re close to it all when you stay at our bed and breakfast in Healdsburg. Enjoy short day trips and tours to award-winning Sonoma County vineyards, plus a healthy mix of both casual and five-star dining.
From our bed and breakfast, Healdsburg’s acclaimed Russian River and Dry Creek wineries are just minutes away. Besides the chardonnays and cabernet sauvignons, the area is known especially for pinot noir, zinfandel, and chenin blanc.
For even more of a local experience, explore the tasting rooms around downtown Healdsburg to make your trip less rushed and more grounded.

The Bed and Breakfast Healdsburg Experience

There’s also a human connection involved with the B&B experience. You can chat with other Camellia Inn guests during our wine and cheese tastings, and get to know the Lewand family that founded our bed and breakfast in Healdsburg more than 30 years ago.
The Camellia Inn bed and breakfast in Healdsburg offers the perfect way to break the mold—while beginning and ending each day surrounded by charming vintage decor and modern luxuries. View our B&B packages and specials to begin creating the perfect Sonoma trip!

Spring forward with a Healdsburg Spa Treatment at the Camellia Inn B&B

I think we all can agree that the beginning of March is an exciting time for a lot of reasons. We are a few weeks away from daylight savings time, where we’ll be able to spring those clocks forward and usher in a new spring season. We’ll start getting the chance to enjoy those longer and warmer days and evenings with walks, bike rides, swims and so much more. The beginning of March is the perfect time to start thinking about planning those upcoming getaways to Healdsburg, California. Planning to stay with us at the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast is an ideal choice for many reasons. Especially if you’re looking to plan a Healdsburg Spa getaway.

The Camellia Inn Spa


Healdsburg Spa
Our beautiful new Healdsburg Spa was created to give you the most enjoyable of experiences. Our Healdsburg Spa treatments are given in our sun porch area that has period tile floors and tall ceilings. The entire atmosphere is rich with comfort, beauty and the utmost relaxing of feelings. It’s the retreat we all seek and the one we know you’ll enjoy.

Specials and Packages

Our Healdsburg Spa offers a handful of special packages that we would love for you to take a gander at. We pride ourselves in being relevant with what’s out there. We also pride ourselves with unique group or individual spa treatments. Please click SPECIALS and PACKAGES and head over to our website so you can see for yourself what we have in store for you.

Spa Treatments

The Healdsburg Spa treatments we offer are enhanced by our licensed massage therapists. They are highly trained in many different modalities of treatments. Attentive and gracious, we’re proud to say they’re among the finest professionals in wine country. We highly recommend scheduling your massage appointment at least two weeks in advance so you can get your most preferred appointment time. To schedule an appointment, click this BOOK NOW link.
Here is a list of a few treatments we are offering at the Camellia Inn B&B:

Camellia Signature

We can’t offer a massage at our Healdsburg Spa without a signature treatment. Our Camellia Signature massage is a relaxing Swedish Massage. This signature massage is done by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction so that blood can return to the heart. But Swedish massage therapy goes beyond relaxation. Swedish massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension. How can you go wrong with this!

Deep Tissue

One more Healdsburg Spa treatment that we have is a Deep Tissue massage. Deep tissue massage works layer by layer through connective tissue and muscles down to the deepest accessible layers to change posture and create freedom of movement by releasing fascial adhesions and chronic muscle contracture. Deep tissue massage therapists use their fingers, thumbs, fists, forearms and elbows to stretch each muscle and fascia layer. It sounds amazing just writing about our deep tissue massage.

Master’s Massage

Another fantastic treatment we offer at our Healdsburg Spa is a Master’s massage. With this treatment, you’ll consult with one of our senior therapists who is trained in many modalities. Our therapist will cater a treatment specifically catered to your body’s needs utilizing many techniques for your ultimate stress relief and relaxation.


Our Healdsburg Spa Reiki treatment is a no-touch, visualization technique that opens the flow of energy throughout your body, which will help you become in tune with your physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Healdsburg Spa Treatments

Spring is right around the corner with summer to follow. We believe it’s the perfect time to start planning those relaxing getaways and Healdsburg spa treatments. We hope that this list of our Healdsburg spa treatments is enticing, and will make you want to book one as soon as possible. If you’d like to get the full list of what we offer as well as our pricing, click this THE SPA link. You can also click CONTACT US if you have any other questions. Or you can go ahead and BOOK NOW if you already know what you want. Either way, we are here for you, and look forward to helping you get the very best treatment you deserve.

What You Should Consider when Lodging in Healdsburg California

The choices for lodging in Healdsburg are a plenty. In our opinion choosing our Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast is the top choice for you. We can say that until we are blue in the face, but it’s in your best interest to come to that conclusion on your own with research. When you are planning your lodging in Healdsburg or anywhere for that matter, there are several factors we believe you should look at.


Lodging in Healdsburg
One of the main factors to consider when picking your lodging in Healdsburg is the location. The location really revolves around the type of trip you are planning. If your trip is a work-related trip, then picking a location that gives you an ideal commute to the offices or meeting areas is ideal. If you’re planning a vacation type trip, then a centrally located lodging will be in your best interest. Our lodging in Healdsburg is in the heart of Healdsburg and can be the perfect fit for all those types of outings. Please click here to find out where our Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast is located.


Next to the location, when picking lodging in Healdsburg California, you should compare all the rates and pricing. Obviously, when traveling, most of us are on a budget, so choosing the lodging in Healdsburg that fits in our budgets is key. From the duration of your trip to the quality of your trip, those rates and pricing are going to vary. The resources for checking lodging in Healdsburg pricing and rates are vast. Research and knowledge is the key to getting the very most out of your trip.


Another important factor to consider when choosing your lodging in Healdsburg is where you’ll be able to hang your hat and enjoy some great food. The Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast has you covered. We believe in supporting our local farmers, ranchers, and local businesses. Whenever possible, our breakfast ingredients are locally-sourced, organic and sustainable, in-season and “right off the farm” fresh. If you’ve never had an egg that wasn’t shipped to a grocery store from far away, eating breakfast at the Camellia Inn will be a revelation. Our eggs come from local hens that are well treated, and they’re delivered fresh daily.
This is just though, other lodging in Healdsburg are just as confident as us in what they have to offer. This isn’t a bad thing because it leads to a greater appreciation to what Healdsburg is offering. Please click our blog titled Eat your hearts out while lodging in Healdsburg California for a list of a few wonderful places to enjoy some great Healdsburg food.


Isn’t one of the most important factors when you stay somewhere, for it to be comfortable? Picking lodging in Healdsburg or anywhere, you should look at the location, pricing and places to eat, but you should also inquire about what these places amenities are. Whether you’re researching amenities such as spas, bathtubs, wine trips, fitness centers or whatever else, it’s all up to you. Hotels aren’t the only options for you to find these great amenities. Our Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast has everything you and your family will need to enjoy your trip. Please click here to go to our website to see for yourself.


One of the most important resources for any traveler are the reviews and recommendations from online resources to referrals. A lot of businesses don’t like online reviews, but we don’t mind them. We believe in what we do, and we want people to talk about us. Our Lodging in Healdsburg online profile is great. We want you to tell your friends about us, or give someone you don’t know the information they need when they are planning their next stay in Healdsburg.

Lodgings in Healdsburg

In our opinion, staying with us at our Camellia Inn B&B is quieter and more charming than a hotel. We provide you with a vibe that makes you feel like you are staying at home while you are away. Our downtown location is ideal, our pricing is competitive, the food we provide is excellent, and our amenities are second to none. In the end, lodging in Healdsburg will only be successful if the traveler is comfortable. There’s not a doubt in our mind, that the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast will meet that major need. If you’d like to find out more you can head over to our website, or you can click here to contact us. We look forward to helping you plan your next trip to Healdsburg California.

The Camellia Inn's Healdsburg Accommodations are as Automatic as Steph Curry

We are turning the corner on winter, and spring is so close we can taste it. The cold weather will soon take a back seat and we’ll start to experience the freshness of a brand new spring season. If you have plans to take a trip to Northern California in the spring, right now is the perfect time to start looking into Healdsburg California and booking some Healdsburg Accommodations. One of those great Healdsburg accommodations is our Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast. Our Healdsburg accommodations offer so many unique and comfortable amenities that’ll help you get the best out of whatever trip you are planning. The Camellia Inn is located in downtown Healdsburg, so these Healdsburg accommodations settings will be the perfect place to set up your home base for whatever you are planning to do while you stay with us.

The purpose of this blog post is to entice you to stay with us at the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast! But, if we are being honest, there are bevy of Healdsburg accommodations at your disposal. For this post, you’ll find a list and short explanation on some of the excellent amenities and special packages we offer at the Camellia Inn.

Our Rooms

Healdsburg Accomodations

I think we all can agree, when you check into your Healdsburg accommodations or any place you’ve booked, there’s that excitement and anticipation to see what your room looks like in person. The rooms at the Camellia Inn are exactly what you’ll see when you look them over on our website. You can check them out by clicking here. From our comfortable beds, to plush sheets, to privacy, these Healdsburg accommodations are so enticing. We want to highlight two things about our rooms at our B&B for this blog.

  1. When you book one of our rooms, you’ll receive a complimentary locally sourced breakfast. The food we offer begins at 7:15am with fresh roasted coffee and a wide selection of herbal and caffeinated teas and hot chocolate. At 8:30am, the dining room opens with fresh fruit, fruit juice smoothies, granola, your favorite breakfast cereals, yogurt, fresh baked bread from Costeaux’s bakery, and perhaps another breakfast pastry. Our hot entrées of the day are on the sideboard (yes, exactly like you read about in old English mystery novels), and they vary from sweet one day to savory the next. If you are fortunate enough to be able to join us for breakfast on Chocolate Covered Wednesdays, there will also be chocolate on the menu.
  2. All of our guest rooms at the Inn features a private bath and all include a shower. Some rooms have whirlpool tubs for two. We also provide you with complimentary wireless service.

You can read the full descriptions about our rooms on our website, because there’s so much more than just these two excellent amenities. We hope you’ll head over to look at all of our rooms.

Specials and Packages

We are pretty confident that everyone is on the lookout for unique specials and packages when booking their Healdsburg accommodations. Our Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast has exceptional choices for you. Here is one exclusive special we want to highlight for you.

The Ultimate Getting Over the Breakup Package

Breaking up is always hard but at the Camellia Inn we have put together a package that gives you a place to feel comfortable and relaxed (far away from your ex), and then move on.

The Package Includes: Two nights in a queen size room, full breakfast each morning, evening wine and cheese tasting, a copy of a self-improvement break-up recovery book (such as “Breaking Up Without Breaking Down“), one pint of Healdsburg’s Downtown Bakery & Creamery Ice Cream (organic, all natural ingredients make this the best ice cream in the world), a voodoo doll with pins to write his/her name on.

After the ice cream, it’s time to put yourself back together and a breakup can signify a new beginning. It’s scientifically proven that exercise improves your mood and alleviates depression. Also included in the package is your choice of a one-hour exercise class each day or a 60 minute massage in our spa, and a specially designed self-guided wine tasting tour. I think we can all agree this package is exactly what you’ll need to put you on the road to break-up recovery.

We have several other options for you, so please click here to educate yourself on the rest of our Healdsburg accommodations specials and packages.

Healdsburg Accommodations

We know it’s cold out right now, but February is ending, and March is right around the corner. We’ll turn the clocks forward and we’ll have more time in the day to enjoy our nights out to Healdsburg, California and the Camellia Inn. Our Healdsburg Accommodations are second to none in our opinion, so we want you to stay with us, like all the time. If you don’t we understand, but we hope you don’t enjoy yourselves. No, just kidding. There’s no possible chance of that happening. We know you’ll enjoy whatever Healdsburg accommodations you choose. Please contact us by clicking here if you have any questions about our Healdsburg accommodations or if you’d like to book your stay with us.

A Few Secret Spots in Downtown Healdsburg

Staying at our Camellia Inn, located in downtown Healdsburg, is great for so many reasons. Whether it’s the business traveler needing nice easily accessible accommodations, or a family who wants a comfortable stay, or a romantic getaway for the couple who wants that serene setting and to be pampered a bit. All these reasons and many more, are why the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast in downtown Healdsburg is and has been the choice for so many of our wonderful guests.
We understand that choosing what to do after you’ve decided to hang your hat with us at the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast can be a little overwhelming. Some of our guests love the idea of staying with us with no plan, and just head out and experience what downtown Healdsburg is all about. Other guests love the itinerary. They love having their trip mapped out. Whatever decision you make, we support. The purpose of this post is to let you in on a few secret gems that are either in or near downtown Healdsburg. We hope you enjoy and please feel free to contact us at any time to book your stay with us or to ask us any questions that may arise.

We are in the center of it all…


Downtown Healdsburg
We thought it’d be a great idea to start this list off with a little adventure. If you’re into skydiving than NorCal Skydiving is the right choice here. Located in Cloverdale, which is about a 20-minute drive from downtown Healdsburg, NorCal Skydiving will cater to your every need. They have been rated as one of the very best drop zones in all of California. You’ll take off from the Cloverdale Municipal Airport and drop from the sky while witnessing the Pacific Ocean, Mount Shasta, vineyards and so many more beautiful settings.

Healdsburg History

For the explorer in you, tucked between the streets of downtown Healdsburg is a handful of old-fashioned alleys well-marked by street signs. Walking them will send you back to the town’s founding in 1867. These alleys were created as narrow frontages for barns, stables and carriage houses. The alleys today are quiet, tree-lined lanes. A few of these alleys are now garages and studios but back in the day they were historical barns.

Beer anyone??

Sonoma County isn’t just about wine anymore! The beer scene in our county has become a beer connoisseurs dream. From Micro-pubs to breweries, downtown Healdsburg is near it all.
A five-minute walk from the Camellia Inn is the Bear Republic. From their well-known Racer Five IPA to some high quality sour beers, and to a delicious lunch and dinner menu, Bear Republic is a great stop for anyone who enjoys a great time.
If you are staying in downtown Healdsburg in early February, the Russian River Brewing Company, located in Santa Rosa, California releases their world famous Pliny the Younger. For two weeks, people from all over the world flock to Sonoma County to wait in line for up to 8 hours to get a taste of the once a year release of this tasty triple IPA. The rest of their beer list is excellent, and their food menu consists of so many delicious Pizza’s, salads and snacks. Russian River Brewing company is a treat any time of year.
If you want to head a little farther south of downtown Healdsburg to wet that beer whistle of yours, you’ll end up in Petaluma, California. This is where Lagunitas Brewing Company resides. If you’re planning a stay at the Camellia Inn, Lagunitas is a great stop anytime of year, but especially during the summer. Great beer and great food, but the live music in their beer garden is extremely enticing.= during those warm summer months.

Eat your Hearts out

Howard Station Cafe, located in Occidental, is about a 40-minute Drive from downtown Healdsburg. But it’s worth it! The peaceful and picturesque drive will set the tone for you and your pet! Howard Station is pet-friendly and has a unique pet-only menu. Howard Station Café has an excellent menu for you as well. We suggest a huge Hot chocolate and a homemade biscuit. Honestly, you’ll be full for a week. So many other great choices for you here. We can’t stress how wonderful this place is for breakfast or lunch.
We are a little bias toward this downtown Healdsburg gem! The Healdsburg Bar and Grill is 3 minutes from our front door and will provide you with one of the very best Burgers in all of Sonoma County. Eat, Drink, laugh and enjoy. This gem is a must during your stay.

Downtown Healdsburg

We love making lists like this because it helps us remember why Sonoma County is so alluring to all types of travelers. Staying with us at Camellia Inn in downtown Healdsburg allows you the accessibility to experience whatever you want. You can get wrapped in our history, the Beer, the food, or the excursions. We know you’ll have a great experience with whatever you choose. Please contact us, so we can help plan your next trip and stay in downtown Healdsburg California.

Pliny the Younger and the Camellia Inn – A match made in Heaven

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” ? John Lennon

How true is this from John Lennon? I think we all can agree that life should be enjoyed through the relationships we have and the times we spend with smiles on our faces. Food for me, brings the biggest smile to my face. Wine for so many of the tourists, who stay at the Camellia Inn brings smiles to their faces. And, the easy going, welcoming vibe of Healdsburg, California is yet another reason for so many other enormous smiles.
So, the 2018 new year is in full swing and there’s so much that’ll bring a smile to your face. Especially, if you’ve chosen to book a trip in Northern California while staying at one of the exceptional Healdsburg Inn lodgings. If you are into beer, the next 14 days are an exceptional time to book your stay at our Camellia Healdsburg Inn.

Pliny the Younger

The Camellia Inn
Russian River Brewing Company, located 16 miles from our Healdsburg Inn released their world-famous Pliny the Younger beer on Friday February 2nd.The Russian River Brewing Company releases this beer, once a year for two weeks, every February. The fantastic thing about this release isn’t that it’s a tasty beer, which it is, but the release brings people from all over the world. We’ve had visitors from Germany, Switzerland, and Australia all stay at our Healdsburg Inn. Healdsburg, for some, wasn’t the first option for these beer connoisseurs, but the hotels and Inn’s in Santa Rosa book up months in advance, so an alternate plan always arises. A Healdsburg Inn becomes many people’s next choice.

Beer and Breakfast?

Some of our Healdsburg Inn guests have also told us that they love having us make them one of our locally sourced breakfasts ‘To-Go.’ Yes, the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast does breakfast to go. The reason why this is popular, our guests can eat it as they stand in the big line waiting to get into the Brewing Company. People start waiting in line each day at 3 or 4 am to enter as one of the first groups when Russian River Brewing Company opens at 11:00 am. The wait time will always be in the hours, so having a nice fresh breakfast and fresh coffee from our Healdsburg Inn is such a unique bonus.
In the end, people who stay with us at our Healdsburg Inn Bed and Breakfast and attend the Pliny the Younger release come back to stay with us the next year. It’s been brought to our attention, that many of the people who stay at our Healdsburg Inn during this beer release, love staying outside of Santa Rosa. A guest told us, “Santa Rosa becomes a zoo in February. All the restaurants are packed, the hotels are booked, and all the parking spots are taken. We love the beer, but Santa Rosa isn’t San Francisco. It’s great to be in Santa Rosa where you can enjoy the Pliny the Younger or Blind Pig and then get the heck out of there.” We understand completely, and understand the desire for accessibility during a time of craziness. That’s a huge reason why a Healdsburg Inn stay is becoming more and more popular during this time.

Be Safe and Pliny On

When it comes down to it, the month of February is all about the Russian River Brewing company and its release of their once a year Pliny the Younger. The release of this beer has become such an event that people from all over the world plan their trips a year in advance. Santa Rosa Hotels and Airbnb’s get booked quickly, so the Pliny visitors are in need of a place to stay. Healdsburg and the Healdsburg Inn scene has become the next best thing during this fun time.
We can’t stress enough that we are 20 minutes from the Russian River Brewing Company, so the need for safety is key. We highly recommend a car service, or Lyft, or Uber or a cab. You can contact us, when you book your stay at the Camellia Inn, for any car or limo service questions. If you’ve planned to go multiple times to the Russian River Pliny the Younger release, having a car service is an excellent idea. The beer is strong and the effects can be overwhelming. Having a trusted driver watching out for you and your things is an excellent way to go.

Healdsburg Inn

In the end, the Pliny the Younger beer release is a fantastic time for Sonoma County. People from all over the globe head into our county and enjoy what we get to enjoy every day. If you want to get more information you can head over to their website by clicking right here on Pliny the Younger. We highly recommend staying with us at the Camellia Inn or any other Healdsburg Inn during the Pliny release. If you’re just coming for a night and need an excellent rest after your day of drinking wonderful beer, or if you have a few extra days with friends, staying in Healdsburg, California is the very definition of what John Lennon wrote in the quote above. Drinking beer and enjoying your time is the way you can continue to ‘Count your life by smiles.”

The Healdsburg Ca Spa Scene is Excellent

“Let’s fade into the sun, Let your spirit fly, Where we are one, Just for a little fun, Oh oh oh yeah!

I want to get away, I want to fly away, Yeah yeah yeah” — Lenny Kravitz
When I think about the Camellia Inn B&B, this song always come to mind. It always puts a smile on our face and makes you want to start planning a trip somewhere exciting or fun. When I think about our guests and the possibility of putting together a Healdsburg Ca Spa day, weekend, or package it gets us excited. The Healdsburg Ca Spa scene is the real deal and there are a lot of options to choose from. If you are getting ready to plan for your spa experience, we think the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast is the right choice for you for a number of reasons.

Healdsburg Ca Spa – Location

Healdsburg Ca Spa
The Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast should be your first choice for your Healdsburg Ca Spa experience. Our location is desirable because it’s located in the heart of the city. We are within walking distance to so many excellent eateries, wineries and the town green. After you’ve decided on your spa package, you can kick back by our pool, eat a locally sourced breakfast and then head out an experience what Healdsburg has to offer. It’s a win win in our book

Healdsburg Ca Spa Choices

The spa choices at our Camellia Inn b&b are some of the best in the Healdsburg Ca spa scene. We believe any choice you make is the right one. Since we have a great core of licensed massage therapists who are excellently trained in all modalities, we recommend contacting us in advance to book your Healdsburg Ca Spa experience. We don’t want to toot our own horns, but we book up fast. Here are our options for you to choose from:
Camellia Signature
Relaxing Swedish Massage
Individuals Couples
60 min. $95 60 min. $205
90 min. $135 90 min. $285
Deep Tissue
Focus on tight muscle tissue provides deep stress release
Individuals Couples
60 min. $115 60 min. $245
90 min. $165 90 min. $345
Master’s Massage
A senior therapist, trained in multiple treatment modalities, will consult with you on the specific needs of your body to create a highly customized treatment utilizing many techniques for ultimate stress relief and relaxation.
Individual Couples
90 min. $185 90 min. $385
A therapist specially trained in pre-natal massage will address the unique needs of expectant mothers who deserve special pampering.
60 min. $105
90 min. $145
A no-touch, visualization technique opens the flow of energy through your body, reaching physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
60 min. $115
You can also add one of these upgrades to your Healdsburg Ca Spa massage:
Scalp Massage $35
Reflexology Foot & Head Massage $35
Private In-Room Treatment (Select rooms only) $35

At the end of the day

The Healdsburg Ca Spa choices for you are excellent. The choices for you, that we listed above will meet all your needs. We’d love for you to stay with us at the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast for your Spa day, weekend or getaway. Our list of massages above are excellent, but you can also choose from many of the excellent packages we offer. You can look at the fantastic package choices we offer by clicking here. We know you’ll find one that fits perfectly for you, or for your party or for your business trip. Whatever Healdsburg Ca Spa choice that starts to peak your interest, we’d love for you to contact us, so we can start the booking process or to answer any questions that you may have. Our staff is eager and willing to help in any way we can.

Where to go for bed and breakfast in Healdsburg

Do you love drinking wine in a relaxed environment after enjoying a colorful festival or an exciting outdoor activity? Then Healdsburg should be your destination. This charming small town with remarkable landscapes and pleasant weather, is located right here in northern California, in Sonoma County. Healdsburg is famous for its five-star cuisine, the fantastic wine growing appellations and the rolling hills. In such a place, enjoying bed and breakfast in Healdsburg is guaranteed. Read on to discover one of the best places Healdsburg has to offer.  Book your lodging with us and have a memorable time with friends and family.

We’re #1 bed and breakfast in Healdsburg

bed and breakfast in HealdsburgIf you intend to make sweet memories with a loved one, family or friends then welcome to the Camellia Inn. We top in service delivery, dignity, serenity and technology. Situated in Sonoma County, you will love our bed and breakfast package. The package features nine rooms that are not only welcoming but also comfortable.
Our rooms are beautifully designed and you’ll fall head over heels with our broad antique furnishings that blend naturally. The beddings are of the highest quality and you’ll definitely enjoy sleep time to the fullest. You may be wondering how you can keep in touch with your favorite news; no need to worry. We are equipped with the latest technology. When you retire from a fun and tiring day, you will find an iPad in your room, ready to connect you to the world!
When travelling as a group you can enjoy our comfortable and hygienic cottages and off-site apartments. If you are the active type, there are plenty of outdoor events for you to enjoy such as hiking, golfing, wine tasting, horseback riding or exploring the beautiful grounds filled with various camellia plants that give this Inn its name. The Camellia Inn is definitely the crème de la crème of bed and breakfast in the world.  Here you can wake up to a cup of freshly roasted coffee and a mouthwatering breakfast that will take your breath away.
If you can visit us in April, you will get a chance to harvest the beautiful roses at the nearby distillery. Seize the moment for a truly unforgettable experience. There’s lots of magical things to do in Healdsburg and you’ll be happy you booked with us when you stay here. Feel free to call us today for bed and breakfast in Healdsburg.