We believe in supporting our local farmers, ranchers, and local businesses, and do so whenever possible when crafting our Healdsburg breakfast for our guests. Breakfast ingredients are locally-sourced, organic and sustainable, in-season and “right off the farm” fresh. If you’ve never had an egg that wasn’t shipped to a grocery store from far away, eating breakfast at the Camellia Inn will be a revelation. Our eggs come from local hens that are well treated, and they’re delivered fresh weekly.

Breakfast on Your Terms

At the Camellia Inn, we believe in giving you the freedom to start your day as relaxed as you would on a day off at home. Breakfast is served between 8:30am and 10:00am, but, if you need coffee earlier, or a “to go” breakfast, we have that covered too. Sonoma County Wine Country Big River Coffee Company delivers fresh ground organic blend each week. At 8:30am, the dining room opens with lots of first course choices – fresh fruit, fruit juice smoothies, granola, your favorite breakfast cereals, yogurt, fresh baked bread from Costeaux’s bakery, and perhaps another breakfast pastry. Our hot entrées of the day are listed on the sideboard and they vary from sweet one day to savory the next. If you are fortunate enough to be able to join us for breakfast on Chocolate Covered Wednesdays, there will also be chocolate on the menu.

A Choice of Breakfast Dining settings

Our main dining room table is available for seating as well as some smaller tables spread around for social distancing. We are pleased to now offer a breakfast tray that can be delivered to you so you can dine in the privacy of your own room. We pride ourselves on being unobtrusive, but if you want to share your plans, ask questions, or get private tasting room passes, we’re always available.

Do we share our recipes? Yes, we do.

We are happy to provide you with any recipe you want, so that you can prepare your favorite Camellia Inn Breakfast at home.

Special Dietary Requests

With advance notice we can modify our recipes to meet almost any food allergy and special dietary need you may have. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or dairy free. It’s all part of ensuring that your Camellia Inn experience is everything you could hope for, and at a better price than anywhere else.

Breakfast “To Go”

Got an early plane, train, ferry, or business meeting? We’ll happily prepare our “Early Breakfast To Go” for you. It includes a croissant breakfast sandwich of your choice, seasonal fruit and to go cups for coffee to help you get an early start.

Healdsburg & Sonoma County’s Amazing Agricultural Bounty

Although Healdsburg and Sonoma County are known for producing renowned wines, many people don’t know that the terroir (taste of the earth) that is essential to producing those award-winning grapes is also responsible for our amazing agricultural bounty. Not only are fabulous grapes produced here but so much more comes from the soil, the individual farmers and a dedication to sustainability and producing the very best. That best is on display in the wonderful Healdsburg breakfast we craft for guests.