When we sit down and define what we offer at the Camellia Inn in Healdsburg, California for today’s business traveler or any traveler for that matter, three things come to mind, Honesty, Value and Transparency. Hotels don’t need to throw a lot of emphasis on wooing the business traveler, but Bed and Breakfast establishments do.
Healdsburg, a Business Travelers Destination of Choice?
Camellia Inn
Healdsburg, California isn’t the first choice when it comes to planning your work trip stay. We also can admit that it’s an extremely difficult task to try and get the business traveler to stay with us over other hotels for that matter. But what The Camellia Inn, in Healdsburg does offer, is a location that’s only a short trip from Santa Rosa, where most of the travelers come to for work. Since the Santa Rosa Airport is located between Santa Rosa and Healdsburg, it could be a great option for you to come up North which is only 10 minutes from the Airport and stay with us. You can rent a car from the airport, head 10 minutes to the Camellia Inn and then travel 20 minutes into work in Santa Rosa. The Value in doing this, for us, is the overall well-being of you as an individual. Like I said above, we are in the business of Value and Honesty, and your work trip will be better if you choose to stay with us at the Camellia Inn in Healdsburg over one of the local hotels in the middle of the busy city.
Don’t get us wrong, we are in the business of catering to the romantic getaway or the quick weekend getaway, but the Camellia Inn in Healdsburg, California offers you, the business traveler, a location away from the busy town you are working in. We all know how work can be so Healdsburg is a perfect place for you to unplug from your workday. You can get out and have a delicious dinner at one of our fine eateries. The Camellia Inn is centered in the heart of Healdsburg and like us locals say, ‘You’re two minutes away from everything.” After you eat, or walk around the town of Healdsburg, you can head back to the Camellia Inn, and plug back into your work and enjoy free Wifi. No matter what time you must be in to work, you will have time to enjoy our breakfast that’s locally grown and organically sustained. If you woke up late, because you had the best night’s sleep on one of our exceptional mattresses and super soft sheets, we’ll make you up a breakfast to go. You won’t have to worry about a thing!
This is a great point by a business traveler, “The urban inns are the ‘no brainer’ locations for the business customer. For the more remote country B&B’s, you may not have a lot of large corporations or business centers near you that bring travelers to your area. But there may be smaller businesses, colleges, and hospitals in these more isolated areas.” This is so true! Healdsburg, California is close to many wineries. I can only imagine how many trips are being planned right now by restaurant owners wanting to go on tours and learn about these wines, so they can serve them in their restaurants all over the world. The Camellia Inn is the perfect place for those businesses to anchor down.
All in all, the Camellia Inn in Healdsburg, California probably won’t be the first spot you think about when planning your next business trip to Sonoma County. But, if you want to think about Honesty, Value and Transparency, then maybe it should be. My cousin used to work for Johnson and Johnson as a sales representative, and she traveled the United States. She stayed in many different hotels that her company put her up in. When she could start booking her own places to stay, and she had the option to stay at a Bed and Breakfast over Hotels, she always chose the Bed and Breakfast. She told me, “Staying at a Bed and Breakfast would always remind her of her mom. Being on the road 280 days a year could get extremely lonely. So, any chance I could get to feel like I was home, I definitely took.”