Choosing to stay at an Inn or a hotel is a hot topic and Healdsburg, California has an abundance of choices for you. If you decide to stay at an Inn rather than a hotel, in our opinion, you’ll receive a more personal experience. The Camellia Inn meets all the criteria when you are putting together your list of what you want to get out of your stay. We have an abundance of room options, and they all stay true to our idea that we want you to feel at home while you are away. Whatever room you decide to stay in, you can be guaranteed that our Inn will be doing everything in our power to make your stay better than being in a hotel.
Our Rooms Versus Hotel Rooms
At the Camellia Inn we want to take any doubt away from your mind. We want you to arrive at our Inn already knowing that your room will be your haven. Our Inn gives you the sleep quality a hotel room cannot. Our beds are as comfortable as your own bed, probably better. If I’m being perfectly honest, the sheets we have on our beds are like laying down on a slice of heaven.
When you decide to stay at a hotel, there really isn’t that personal touch that you’ll receive when you stay at an Inn. You book the room Camellia Innthey have available, and at the price you are willing to pay. You show up and hey, there’s your room. At our Inn we can do that for you if you want, but we are bubbling up on the inside because we want to go the extra mile for you.
All of us here at the Camellia Inn, are chomping at the bit for you to call us to communicate to us exactly what experience you are looking for. We want to create the exact model you are drawing up in your mind. If you want that private room experience, that has a whirlpool tub or fireplace or has both, we want that for you. We have that for you. We’ll put you away from the hustle and bustle of everyone else. You’ll have a quiet room at our Inn with that private experience you asked for.
You may want the opposite of total privacy. You may want to have complete interaction with our other guests. We offer that at the Camellia Inn. You can have a room that is near others where you share your bathroom, and where you can lounge out by the pool with everyone. Then you can sit down and have that farm to table country styled breakfast in the Camellia Inn’s main dining room.
We pride ourselves on being unobtrusive, but if you want to share your plans, ask questions, or get private tasting room passes, we’re always available. Whatever you want is what we want. Whatever room you decide to stay in, or what experience you are seeking, you can be guaranteed that the Camellia Inn we’ll be doing everything in our power to make your stay with us 100 percent better than staying at a hotel. Contact us and book your stay.