Of course we are a bit partial to the Camellia Inn, our favorite B&B Healdsburg CA! No matter though, no matter where you stay, there is so much to do.
If you are a food and wine enthusiast, there would certainly be no better way to place Healdsburg than describe it as a top foodie destination. B and B’s in Healdsburg like The Camellia Inn all tantalize with great aromas and a wide variety of dishes in ways unimaginable. This town that is highly incomparable with all others in California is a home to a host of electric boutiques, historical getaways, a picturesque plaza square, and what’s more; an incredible mix of wines like no other. These among others are some of the key reasons why booking a B&B in Healdsburg CA is a must do.
In Healdsburg you will find not less than nineteen tasting rooms, where you can tease your taste buds with all varieties the town can possibly offer. Every spot has its unique flavor and character, making it hard for you to exhaust the whole lot of it in a day. Take advantage of great B&B Healdsburg CA accommodations like the Camellia Inn and spend a few nights to have a glimpse of what happens in places such as Banshee Tasting Room, Toad Hollow among others. In fact, wine walking tours might be a great treat for you. Here, local guides can teach you the art of pairing wine and food, explain appellation, talk about the latest trends of the area’s wine-making practices, and organize exclusive sampling in tasting rooms.

Leisurely Stroll in the Historic Plaza

One of the most fun ways to familiarize yourself with this charming town from the bustling sidewalks is by taking a stroll in the 19th-century plaza; the epicenter of Northern California wine county. It is a stunning grassy square, adorned with tall shady trees such as palms and redwoods. Look for a B&B that can give you easy access to the plaza. Here, there are many retail businesses including world-class boutiques, bookstores, fashionable galleries, wine-tasting rooms among others. During summer, you can be sure to catch live music concerts and other performances. However, no matter what time of year you get here, there is always something going on. Whether you are hoping to revamp your wardrobe, get a perfect souvenir, or simply unwind, you can brace yourself for an incredible experience in the plaza.

The Dry Creek Valley Tour

We encourage you to take in the magnificent scenery of the Dry Creek Valley, as you enjoy the intimate experience offered by Sonoma County. Founded in 1972, Dry Creek has more than 185 acres of vineyard and is simply a haven of special treats in all seasons. Currently, the winery produces a large variety of wines including Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, among. From the food and wine inspired festivals, especially in November to special winemaker dinners, there is so much to enjoy in the Valley. Bike rentals are available, meaning you can consider a casual 15-20 mile ride through the valley, as you explore different wine appellations and gourmet food pairing.

Explore the Museum

Built in 1910, the museum is home to the history of the Sonoma County. While there are many B&B’s in Healdsburg CA, make sure you consider one of the most well known… the Camellia Inn! You will not only enjoy a great cuisine but also explore places such as the museum which you can access at zero fee. In fact, it is a great spot for understanding the culture of Sonoma and its wines.

Canoeing and Kayaking at the Russian River

If you love adventure, enjoy the beauty of casual paddling. The Russian River offers a great section for picnicking, swimming and fishing. During summer, the river tends to be a low flow sandbar, with a knee to waist average depth making it the best season for inexperienced canoers. The upper river has a consistent flow, and here you not only enjoy your kayaking activity, but also have a great view of wild animals including egrets, herons, and various waterfowl. For swimmers, this is one of the greatest and most comfortable places to enjoy your afternoon. The river has shallow riffles, occasional sandbars, and deep pools.