With a quaint downtown, adorned with all the finest things in life from wine, fun, and food, trendy Healdsburg is one of the most idyllic spots to visit in all of California. From the sound of jazz in the quiet of the night to laughter and high-tech, irresistible cuisine, the charm and the attractive personality of the Sonoma County’s downtown Healdsburg are simply inescapable.
Take a stroll across downtown Healdsburg for a wow factor on the treasures of the small area, and the individuality that makes it so special setting it apart from the rest of California. Here, you can immerse yourself in the fun of exploring art and sculpture, high-profile shopping, locally grown and produced wines, bread, and cheese. Do not stop there. Spend several nights here and enjoy world class bed and breakfast, treasure troves, and take in all the fun as it comes.

Explore the Wineries

While in some seasons the people on the East Coast can enjoy blossoming gardens, those in the Northern California celebrate the bounty of evergreen vineyards every day. Most visitors from far and wide are attracted by the downtown’s winery, but the spectacular acres of gardens are a breathtaking backdrop that tends to keep them there. Downtown Healdsburg lush valleys are home to the oldest winemaking names in California. The downtown is surrounded by the finest regional wine appellations such as the Russian River Valley, Alexander Valley, and the Dry Creek Valley. For instance, the Alexander Valley has more than 13,000 acres of vineyards, 28 wineries, and 200 farmers. Downtown Healdsburg boasts a variety of premium wines, brewed from locally grown wines.


What better way could you experience the stunning scenery of downtown Healdsburg than pedal around while still sampling top-tier wines? Biking here is an absolute must, and you could, in fact, find it to be the favorite and most exciting activity in the town. This can be done along wine-cycling routes, a 30-mile loop that takes you to Alexander and Dry Creek Valleys. The downtown Healdsburg is not only an ideal place to ride due to its bike friendly landscape but is also peaceful and quiet as you ride through beautiful miles of vineyards.

Explore the Historic Plaza

Downtown Healdsburg heats up most afternoons and morning fog burns off, leading most people to flock outside venues. When that’s the case, perhaps one of the most exciting ways to feel the beauty of this region and get a green respite from the bustling walkways is by taking a leisurely stroll in the 19th-century Plaza. Here, you will find boutiques, wine bars, coffee shops, art galleries, live music and more.

Explore the Extraordinary Ferrari Garden

This is a garden that’s always covered by beautiful and glowing colors year round. Here, the gardens are French/Italian with geometric and classic styles forming the architectural backbone of downtown Healdsburg. The color schemes in the 10,000-acre land constantly change, beginning with a vibrant display of multiple tulips each spring. At your own pace, meander along the passing waterfalls and the foot bridges arched over gentle streams. In the garden, you get a view of more than 2,000 tree species and shrubs.

Enjoy Bocce Ball

This is an ancient game of the Roman Empire introduced by the Italian immigrants who settled in the county in the 19th century, involving rolling balls made of either metal or plastic on smooth courts. The popular social game is fun to play and even watch, meaning you can sit back with a glass of wine and watch as the competition unfolds. While in downtown Healdsburg, why not indulge in bocce ball, especially since many wineries make courts available? Some of the places you can enjoy the game are the Armida Winery, the Dry Creek Vineyard, Campo Fina, among others.

Explore the Museum

Take a break from the thumb licking cuisine and wine tasting adventure and take a stroll through the historical museum built between 1910 and 1911. Here, exhibits are always changing, with many artifacts donated by local people. This is where you get an educational understanding of the rich past of the Northern California downtown. It is not just an easy walk for kids, but entry is also free. If you have the urge of delving deeper into the history of Sonoma County, you can greatly benefit from the research center housed in downtown Healdsburg Museum.
Simply because you are visiting a world’s renowned wine region, it does not mean you have to be stuck all day in a winery tasting all varieties. Downtown Healdsburg boasts many diversions to keep the athlete, explorer, food lover, and sybarite engaged. In your visit, be sure to get into your hiking shoes, learn to smoke salmon, take a scenic drive to a lighthouse.