Healdsburg Breakfast – Can you Smell the Bacon?

“Breakfast was only worth having when somebody else made it for you.” – Caroline B. Cooney

Healdsburg Breakfast
How spot on is this quote from Caroline Cooney? Why is it so much better to eat breakfast at a restaurant rather than at home? It’s probably the fact that there’s no clean up involved and that the food is probably fresher than what you have sitting in your refrigerators. Our Healdsburg breakfast at the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast will be doing the cooking for you. Fresh, Locally Grown, & Delicious is what we live by when it comes to our breakfast. Whenever possible, our breakfast ingredients are locally-sourced, organic and sustainable, in-season and “right off the farm” fresh. Click this: Camellia Inn Breakfast, to read more about the many options we have for you during breakfast time at our Camellia Inn.
Obviously, when you stay with is at our B&B, you’ll have that option for breakfast each morning you wake up. There’s no pressure to eat breakfast with us. We completely understand that you might want to get a taste of the town. There are some wonderful Healdsburg breakfast options for you to choose from. Here are a few of those Healdsburg breakfast spots that we at the Camellia Inn have enjoyed over the years.

Flakey Cream DO-Nuts & Coffee Shop

Let’s just start this Healdsburg Breakfast list off with a blast from the past feeling breakfast joint. Flakey Cream DO-Nuts & Coffee Shop is located at 441 Center St. Only a 5-minute walk from our front door, This Healdsburg breakfast spot isn’t the place you go to for the feel. Flakey Cream DO-Nuts & Coffee Shop is the place you go to spend a reasonable amount of money for some hearty delicious breakfast food.
If you’ve read any of our other blog posts that have mentioned breakfast menu’s, then you’ll realize how fond I am of corned beef hash and eggs. Flakey Cream DO-Nuts & Coffee Shop won’t let you down there. They have a fantastic corned beef and hash option. A few other menu options from this great Healdsburg breakfast shop that you should check out are, biscuits and gravy, all American breakfast, and the #11. The #11 is vegetarian and provides you with 3 veggie sausages, eggs and hash browns. Don’t forget to get after a donut or 12! From ray’s originals to the custer-filled. You can’t go wrong. You bet big time! Owners, Vannak and Sokynthea (aka., Nick and Nickie) a married couple from Cambodia came to this country, worked hard, and established a top-notch coffee shop.


So, I’m not going to be like Will Ferell on Saturday Night live and yell at you to ‘GET OFF THE SHED’, rather I’m going to yell at you to ‘GET INTO THE SHED!” This Healdsburg breakfast spot is a nice place to enjoy some farm to table style menu items. SHED has a wonderful ambiance to it. It’s a very clean spot to enjoy your breakfast any day of the week.
The theme of this Healdsburg breakfast blog seems to be boiling down to a biscuits and gravy review. But seriously, SHED’s biscuits and gravy are to die for. You can also order this exceptional menu option, Anson Mills Stone Ground Polenta with a slow poached egg, garlic Scapes, wild mushrooms, and swiss chard Conserva. Trust us, it’s a must. Located at 25 North St, our B&B is only two minutes from this Healdsburg breakfast masterpiece!

Singletree Café

The Singletree Café, located on 165 Healdsburg Ave, is a lead pipe lock when you are deciding on a Healdsburg Breakfast option. A three-minute car ride from the Camellia Inn is where the Singletree Café sits waiting for you to come in. The portions are fresh as fresh can be, and filling. The Eggs Benedict as well as the Crab Benedict are brilliant. Another delicious treat is their blueberry pancakes. Trust us, be ready for blueberries! The Singletree Café is an old-fashioned Healdsburg breakfast staple, just like we are at the Camellia Inn.

Healdsburg Breakfast

Our Camellia Inn B&B is all about serving you breakfast. Contact us in order to book your rooms and ask us about our breakfast service. We love doing it, and so do these Healdsburg breakfast spots we listed in this blog post. This is just a few of the many breakfast places that are at your disposal when you stay with us or anywhere in Healdsburg. We suggest you take advantage of our daily locally sourced and delicious breakfast first. Then, head out and get a taste of the town.
“Everyone runs around trying to find a place where they still serve breakfast because eating breakfast, even if it’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon, is a sign that the day has just begun, and good things can still happen. Having lunch is like throwing in the towel.” ? Jonathan Goldstein

Eat your hearts out while lodging in Healdsburg California

Healdsburg, California is host to some of the best lodgings in Sonoma County, and we at the Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast are a part of that. Our bed and breakfast has many options for you when you are planning your lodging. From our many cozy and comfortable on and offsite rooms, to our Spa and it’s many excellent treatments, and to our locally sourced breakfast. Lodging with the Camellia Inn is a great idea, and most likely, not the only thing you’ll need to plan while on your trip to Sonoma County.
If you’ve indeed decided to book your lodging anywhere in Sonoma County, then you’re most likely looking to stop in and partake in the many delicious eateries Sonoma County has to offer. Since you’ve booked your lodging with us at the Camellia Inn, here is a list of eateries near our lodging and some where you’ll need to take a nice little trip to get to; none are more than 20 minutes away.

Healdsburg California – Baci Cafe & Wine Bar

Healdsburg California
Located at 3336 Healdsburg Ave, Baci is only a five-minute walk from your Camellia Inn Bed and Breakfast lodging. When you check out this place, you’ll have to be in the mood for an up-tempo and busy atmosphere. This is a high flying social buzzing restaurant that has excellent service and even better food. Start off with the Carpaccio and the Burrata appetizers, follow that with the short ribs, the excellent Bolognese sauce or the exceptional Petrale Sole. If you don’t already have a sense about Wines and what they should be paired with, don’t hesitate to ask your servers. They are some of the best around and most knowledgeable on the wine pairing topic. They are glad and ready to help you get the very best out of your dining experience.

Dierks Parkside Café

Located at 446 Santa Rosa Ave in Santa Rosa, Dierks Parkside Café is worth the 15-minute drive from your Healdsburg lodging. This brilliant breakfast establishment has been a main stay of Santa Rosa for many years and has another location on 1422 4th street. You can check that location out, but the original has all the ambiance and history which, in our opinion, leads to a better eating experience.
What you’ll need to consider first, the restaurant is a small one and the whole town wants to eat here, especially on the weekends. But, the wait is worth it. The food you’ll receive is second to none and the serving sizes are big and not too hard on the wallet. A few staples are the delicious chicken fried steak and my personal favorite, corned beef hash. Both were among the best that we’ve had. The chicken fried steak has an exceptional flavor and fantastic breading. The service is always prompt and extremely reliable. You’ll probably need a morning nap, so head back to your lodging and take a nap in one of the Camellia Inn’s comfortable beds.

Amy’s Wicked Slush

Located at 13840 Healdsburg Ave, Amy’s Wicked Slush is another short 4-minute drive or ten-minute walk from the front doors of your Camellia Inn lodging. We can’t express enough how fun this place is, and quick. If you are in a hurry and just need something to hold you over, this is your place. If you’re lodging in Healdsburg and are out walking around with your family, and your kids are in the mood for a delicious slushy, again this is the place to check out. From Bagels to Meatball Subs, Regular brewed Coffee to Waffle Cones, Amy’s Wicked Slush is a real treat of a choice while lodging in Sonoma County.

Russian River Brewing Company

Located at 725 4th street in Santa Rosa, California, Russian River Brewing Company is a must visit while lodging anywhere in Sonoma County. It’s just a short 15 minute drive from your lodging in Healdsburg. Their beer list is second to none in the area. From the Blind Pig to their most popular Pliny IPA, the beers are amazing. But a lot of people don’t recognize Russian River Brewing Company for some of the most delicious appetizers, salads and mouth-watering Pizzas. This is what I order every time I check into Russian River Brewing Company, A Pint of Blind Pig, A Cesar Salad (which could feed 2), the Drew Bites (a cheese pizza cut up into little bites and topped pepperoncini’s) and followed by a Mikey Pizza (mozzarella, marinara, pepperoni, sausage & caramelized onions). If I’m not too full, I’ll finish the evening with a Belgian style beer that has a fruity taste, it’s called the Damnation. The service is a little spotty because the place is busy almost every night and day. But, it’s well worth the reward when you take your first sips and nibbles.
All in all, there are so many options around the area for you when lodging with us at the Camellia Inn in Healdsburg, California. These are just a few of the choices we have grown to love, and we hope you do to!

Healdsburg B&B for the Holidays – Book your stay and enjoy the Holiday Events

Well, it’s 2 and a half weeks until Christmas! Are you all ready? We here at the Camellia Inn Healdsburg b&b, are ready for you. If you’re planning a trip to the North Bay for the Holidays, and Healdsburg is on your radar, we hope you’ll consider a stay at our Bed and Breakfast. Bring the family, we have plenty of options at our Healdsburg b&b. For example, we have our “Family Suite” with two rooms sharing a bath which can be perfect for up to four. We have so many more options, just head on over to our website to take a peak at everything our Healdsburg b&b has to offer.
Whether you stay with us or at another Healdsburg b&b during the Holidays, there will be a bevy of entertaining options going on in Healdsburg and our surrounding Sonoma County areas. I thought I’d introduce you to a bunch of Holiday events going on, in hopes that it’ll encourage you to plan a Holiday trip and stay at the Camellia Inn.

Holiday Lighted Boat Parade

Healdsburg BB
On Saturday December 9, from 6 pm until 8pm, The Petaluma River Turning Basin will be having an exceptional boat lighting parade. Check into our Healdsburg b&b, and head down to Petaluma. It’s only a 30-minute drive from our Camellia Inn Healdsburg b&b to the town of Petaluma. We suggest you make a day out of it. There will be free tastings of Pie from the Petaluma Pie Company and the Petaluma Holiday Arts and Crafts Sale will be taking place from 10 am until 4 pm. Then you can kick back and enjoy the Holiday lit and decorated boats float on by. It’s a really great time, and best of all it’s free.

Wine and Dine

I think we all can agree, anything having to do with Wining and Dining is going to get people’s attention. How about a Wine Walking tour? These tours are especially popular during the spring and summer months. But, during the Holidays, they are extremely special. A 4-hour day tour is offered every day, but we highly recommend an evening tour which is only offered from Thursday through Sunday.
Our town of Healdsburg is all lit up in its Holiday glory, so you’ll witness the magic of the season while enjoying the tastes of the town from three of our top restaurants. Enjoy the Christmas tree lit plaza, colorful street decorations, festive window displays and carolers. What’s also unique, your evening tour can be catered around any of the Holiday events that may be happening at that time. Also, our Camellia Inn Headsburg b&b is in the heart of the city, so it can be your home base as you begin your Holiday Wine Walking Tour.
You can get all the information you need here at www.winecountrywalkingtours.com. You can also contact us at our Camellia Healdsburg b&b and we’ll help you get all set up.

Madrona Manor’s Dickens Dinner Series

The Dickens Dinners are a highlight of the year at Madrona Manor, when carolers wander the dining rooms, dressed in period clothing of Olde 19th Century England, and The Twelfth Night Singers pause for private a-cappella serenades of “Jingle Bells” and breathtaking hymns. Even more delicious, is the Michelin-star executive chef Jesse Mallgren’s five-course celebration of new and old holiday traditions, paired with wines. Prices range from $110 – $210 depending on the night. Reservations for Christmas Eve and Christmas day require a non-refundable deposit of $50 per person. The dinner dates are December 8 through December 25th. Stay at our Healdsburg b&b and you’re a five-minute walk from the Madrona Manner. A Michelin Chef and the Camellia Inn Healdsburg b&b, no-brainer!

Horse Drawn Carriage Rides

Santa Rosa, California is only a 15-minute drive from our Healdsburg b&b. Starting back on November 24th and lasting until Christmas Eve, Santa Rosa will be offering exceptional Holiday Horse Carriage rides on the weekends. Weather permitting, you’ll be able to take advantage of a free horse carriage ride around the historic Santa Rosa Railroad Square. Take a ride between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and from 11 to 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve. For more information you can head over to http://www.railroadsquare.net/

Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!

If you are planning a New Year’s stay at our Healdsburg b&b with your children then on December 31st, the Charles M. Shultz Museum in Santa Rosa has the family event for you. Starting at 10 am you can start to ring in the New Year with Snoopy, hands-on crafts for kids, and Santa Rosa’s only Up-Down and Baby Balloon Drops at noon. There will be root beer toasts at noon and 3:00 p.m.!
I know there is something on this list of Holiday Events that’ll entice a trip and stay at our Camellia Inn Healdsburg b&b. This is also just a short list! There are so many other special Holiday events happening all around us and ones that keep popping up. It’s a great time to book a trip!